Google Ranking Fair

So Danny Sullivan has just been at Google as a representative for a moment and as of now shared something I had no clue Google did, a Google Ranking Fair.

Danny depicted these Ranking Fairs in a progression of posts on Twitter. He said he went to “Positioning Fair” yesterday at Google. He included it is “like science reasonable with look designs before shows clarifying future changes.” He said there are “no code/insider facts” shared yet there are “engineers with shows discussing how something they did makes a difference.”

Matt Cutts included that these Ranking Fairs “were the best.” “Really cool to perceive what people concocted,” he included.

Danny Sullivan said he might want to convey some of these to people in general, in his endeavors to make Google more straightforward.


As far as we think Google is doing this “Ranking Fair” from a long time, although they did not published anything for the general public but after every algorithm update we assume that these changes were made earlier before updating the world. Google always plays a secure role, they know what will happened after applying changes into the algorithm and they do that knowingly to keep searches engage on their search engine.

No matter what! if you are doing s.e.o correctly according to Google guidelines you will never be hurt or destroyed by any Google Update.

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